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6Univers Sweepstakes Terms and conditions

You must agree to these Terms of Service to use or participate in the Challenging, Contest or any other Sweepstakes activities offering in 6univers.com. If you do not agree to the Terms of Services as state herein, please do not participate in the activities.

Who Can Participate:

Only registered 6univers members can post new challenges or participate in the existing challenge activities.

How to Participate:

6univers reserves the rights to accept or decline the challenges listing in 6univers.com. There is no time limit, no duration to participate in any of the challenge activities listing in 6univers.com. Participants should post challenge videos against the specifications mentioned in each challenges. To know more about on participation, go through How to Participate. The votes earned for the challenge posted by you can be taken away by the participant who beats your challenge. To earn the votes back participate again in the same challenge and beat the one at the top then.

Purchase or Entry Fee:

No necessary to purchase or pay entry fee for Posting new challenge or vote existing challenge, but one time entry fee is required to enter or participate in the particular existing challenge activities.


Use of the Services is intended for individuals who are at least thirteen (13) years old. Additional restrictions may apply for any particular challenge activities and will be disclosed in the specific rules for that promotional offer. Parents or legal guardian approval is required If you are not at least thirteen (13) years old.

Prize & Rewards:

The Challenges participated by the participants have to fall within the specifications against the challenge given. If not, 6univers reserves the rights to reject the post or challenge. The challenge posted by you will be make available only after verifications done by 6univers team and it may take some time. If the video does not comes under the specification against the challenge, 6univers possess the rights to reject the post and it will be notified to the concerned person. Survive unbeaten for 50 consecutive Hours to win that particular challenge task. The winner will be notify and asked for certain information through email to transfer the winning prize. The prize won by the participants will be available to them after providing necessary information like ID proof. The prize won by the participants will take atleast maximum of 7 working day to reach them.

Credit & Contact Information:

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Terms of usage, do not hesitate to email us at support@6univers.com or write us in www.6univers.com/contact.php